Alii (uh LEE; a Palauan greeting)!  Come experience the beautiful island nation of Palau at the southwest edge of Micronesia where the Pacific Ocean greets the Philippine Sea.  Palau’s Apostolic churches are ripe for and experiencing revival, and in 2022, you can be part of that!  On this AYC trip, you will participate in unforgettable team devotions, and prayer walks where you’ve never walked before.  You will be used in church services ministry—sharing the Gospel and your personal testimony; in praise and music—and engage in the clean-up of a local community park followed by a “Praise in the Park” evangelism outreach event.  Besides enjoying breathtaking waters that are visited by deep sea divers from around the globe, and stopping by a shark sanctuary on your way to the Rock Islands, you will tour one of Palau’s sixteen states, Peleliu (PELL uh loo), notable as one of the bloodiest battles of the Second World War.  From the moment you arrive at Koror International Airport, you will fall in love with the Palauan, Filipino and Micronesian brothers and sisters you never knew you had.  And by the time you go back home, you will have led sinners in repenting of their sins, rejoiced during their water baptisms in the ocean, and celebrated not only their infilling of the Holy Ghost, but also all the unforgettable friends who impacted your life!  God’s going to use you in Palau!  




May 27 - June 6, 2022





COVID Vaccine


Your Hosts

David & Kelley Dibble

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David & Kelley Dibble

Your Chaperone

Derek & Amanda Borders

Derek & Amanda Borders

Derek Borders was elected as lead pastor of Hope Tabernacle in June of 2021. After graduating High School in Norman, Oklahoma, he married his beautiful wife, Amanda. They now have three children — Bryce, Cayden, and Edyn. Pastor Borders is an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church International and studied Graphic Communications at Oklahoma City Community College. Derek and Amanda love student ministry, having served for eighteen years as student pastors and ten concurrent years as Assistant to the Pastor in Norman. Currently, they also serve as Youth President for the Oklahoma District UPCI Youth Department.

Nathan & Emilie Hussey

Nathan & Emilie Hussey

Nathan & Emilie Hussey are the Iowa Youth President & Assistant Pastors at Calvary in Des Moines. They are self-proclaimed foodies, speak fluent sarcasm, enjoy going to plays and love to travel. They have two adorable children, Zaedyn DePaul and London Brielle, who are eleven months apart, and love to do stuff together as a family. Youth ministry is their heartbeat and they love going on AYC trips, especially since they initially met on one.

Serve Project

You will be doing a park clean-up followed by a community Praise in the Park event that evening.


AYC changed my life for the better. It helped me realize that God has a plan in my life. No matter the valleys I face, and all the distractions the devil throws at me, nothing can change what God has for my life.

David Woolridge | Hawaii