Spiritual Preparation

We encourage all AYC attendees to take time to prepare themselves spiritually for their trip.

Ways to be spiritually prepared:

  • Add your trip to the list of prayer requests at your church.
  • Some churches ask the entire church to pray and anoint the AYC attendee.
  • Spend time praying for trip. (See specific ways to pray below.)
  • Spend time fasting.

Specific items to pray for:

  • The spiritual success of the trip
  • Unity among our group
  • Anointing as we minister – testify, sing, preach, etc.
  • For individuals in our group to discover their personal calling and purpose within the kingdom of God
  • Sensitivity to the Spirit as we interact with local people and favor/open doors as we witness to them
  • Safety and protection for the group during our travels and throughout the trip
  • The host missionaries & trip chaperones
  • The local churches and saints: pray for revival and harvest of souls and the training of national leaders, ministers, and pastors
  • Let the Spirit lead you as you pray for each aspect of our trip