Refund Policy

AYC Refund Policy

AYC Cancellation/Refund Policy

It is extremely important that you fully understand the AYC cancellation/refund policy prior to applying for a trip since it can be a large investment. In the event of trip cancellation, we will review the amount of money already expended for your involvement and refund as we are able. This is different for each trip. Prepaid expenses include, but are not limited to flight expenses, hotel expenses, prepaid meals, prepaid attractions, etc. AYC will work to recover funds expensed on your behalf as much as possible.  However, it is suggested to purchase cancellation insurance to cover your investment of funds not able to be recovered. If you decide to cancel your participation, please note your application fee is nonrefundable. Unfortunately, we cannot make an exception for personal/family emergencies or illnesses. If you are interested in insuring against cancellation an additional policy can be purchased.