Fundraising Ideas

  • Destination Dinner Night: A themed dinner at your local church and/or community. You can make an ethnic meal based on your AYC destination or just a local favorite! Take time to do a presentation on the specific destination. Share info about the country, missions field, and your burden to go on AYC. You will be surprised how many people will partner with you to fund your AYC trip!
  • Create a Mission Possible account: Mission Possible is an online fundraising platform uniquely designed to assist in saving for short-term mission work of the UPCI.  Accounts can be started by or for a mission participant, and then shared for online gifting by friends, family, or any interested party. Friends, family, and business supporters can then contribute to the account.
  • Partnership Letters: Write letters to your friends and family members and tell them you are headed to the missions field and need their help! Explain the details of the trip, why you want to go, how impacting it is, etc.  Relatives and friends enjoy helping a loved one accomplish a goal!
  • Gifts: During the holiday season ask for donations to your AYC trip as your Christmas gift. You can also do this for your birthday gift as well.
  • Discount Cards: Go to local businesses and ask if they would like to be featured on a discount card. Offer space off the back of a discount card (credit card size). Example: Sonic: buy one get one free sonic burger. Local pizza place may give 10% off large pizza.  Create your discount cards from the offered discount or coupon. Make sure to get the discount/coupon in writing before creating the card. After completing the discount cards, sell them to the public.  The only cost is creating the card!
  • Jobs: Put a notice in your local church bulletin that you are looking for odd jobs to help fund your AYC trip-raking leaves, cleaning, babysitting, etc.  When church members understand your need, they will come up with projects to help send you on your way!
  • Arts & Crafts: Do you have a knack for making unique items? Create a mini-business and sell them to the local public, on Facebook, or at your local church.  Previous AYCers have made scarves, headbands, boot cuffs, shoe racks, bird houses, etc.  The sky is the limit!

Funds to be Raised

  • Budgets do not include:
    • Global Trips – travel to and from the departure city
    • North American Trips – travel to and from the host city
    • Passports (if required)
    • Trip Cancellation Insurance
    • Immunizations
    • Luggage fees
    • Souvenirs
    • Spending money