Q – When can I apply for AYC 2019 trips?

A – The online application for 2019 Global and North American trips will go live October 1, 2018.

Q – What are the age requirements for an AYC North American trip?

A – AYC North American trips are open to applicants 16-35 years of age. If an applicant is 15 and turning 16 during the same calendar year as the trip, they also qualify.

Q – What are the age requirements for an AYC Global trip?

A – AYC Global trips are open to applicants 17-35 years of age. If an applicant is 16 and turning 17 during the same calendar year as the trip, they also qualify.

Q – What are the citizenship requirements?

A – Applicants must be US or Canadian citizens. If you are in the US or Canada on a travel/student visa, we are unable to accept your application.

Q – What is needed to complete my application?

A – Online application, application fee of $150, picture, a completed pastoral reference form. The link to the form is listed under the Apply tab.

Q – How do I make my payments?

A – All payments must be made through the online payment system. We only accept online payments.

Q- Can I make partial payment on my account instead of full payments?

A – Unfortunately, we are only able to accept full payments. If you want to add funds on a weekly basis you might consider opening  a separate checking account just for your AYC trip. That way when you have the full funds available you can make the online payment.

Q – Can someone else make a payment on my behalf?

A – Absolutely! Keep in mind that if the amount they wish to give is less than a full payment then the amount will need to be sent directly to the AYC attendee. We are only able to accept online full payments.

Q – Can I pay all the money once I have it?

A – Yes. You can pay all online payments at once as long as you have the full amount.


Q – My debit/credit card won’t process my payment. What should I do?

A – Please check with your bank and verify if you have a withdrawal limit on your account. You will need to use a credit card or raise your withdrawal limit.

Q – After submitting the $150 application fee online, when is the rest of the money due?

A – All payment amounts and due dates are posted in the “Money Matters” portion of the website. You will also receive detailed information in the emailed AYC acceptance packet.

Q –  Does my application fee of $150 go toward the cost of the trip?

A – Yes

Q – When will I know if I’m accepted?

A – After the application deadline. Acceptance emails will be sent no later than February 1st for Global trips and March 1st for North American trips.

Q – How will I be contacted?

A – You will receive an emailed acceptance letter and acceptance packet. We will communicate mostly through email, so make sure you provide an email address that you check daily.

Q – Is airfare included in the price of the AYC Global trips?

A – International airfare is covered. However, you will need to purchase your airfare to and from the departure city. The departure city is where attendees meet to fly together to the host destination.

Q – Is airfare included in the price of the AYC North America trip?

A – No. You will need to book and pay for your flight to and from the host destination. There will be preferred flight arrival and departure time details in the acceptance packet.

Q – Do I have to pay for luggage fees?

A – Yes.

Q – Do I need to purchase trip insurance?

A – No. UPCI Youth Ministries will take care of this for you. It is included in the cost of your trip.

Q – How do I fill out the Durable Power of Attorney For Health Care legal form?

A – Instructions are in your emailed acceptance packet.

Q – Do I need shots or special medication?

A – Go to www.cdc.gov and search for your host destination area in the “Travelers’ Health” section. You will be able to read what is suggested and/or required. Print off this list and take it to your doctor at least 1 month prior to your trip to discuss options.

Q – What if I have to cancel after being accepted for a trip?

A – AYC Cancellation/Refund Policy
It is extremely important that you fully understand the AYC cancellation/refund policy prior to applying for a trip since it can be a large investment. In the event that you need to cancel your trip involvement, we will review the amount of money already expensed for your involvement and refund if we are able. This is different for each trip. Prepaid expenses include, but are not limited to: flight expense, hotel expense, prepaid meals, prepaid attractions, insurance, etc. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable no matter the timing on the cancellation. Unfortunately, we cannot make an exception for personal/family emergencies or illness.

Q – I’m interested in being a chaperone for an AYC trip. What should I do next?

A – The chaperones for AYC trips consist of UPCI YM staff and District Youth Presidents, who are members of the youth committee. All other interested parties are welcome to apply as a participant on the trip.

Q – If I am married can I still attend an AYC trip?

A – Yes, as long as your spouse applies and attends the same trip with you. Both applicants should be no older than age 35 at the time of the trip.

Q – Can I bring my baby/toddler on the trip with me?

A – Unfortunately, no children are allowed.

Q – Can I apply if I’m Canadian?

A – Yes, however all funds must be US dollars. You will need to consider the exchange rate when making your payments.

Q – Do you accept late applications or can you add me to a waitlist?

A – We do not accept applications after the deadline. We do not maintain a waiting list for each trip.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to submit an inquiry here.