Malta is a small island in the geographic center of the Mediterranean Sea. Out of proportion with its size, Malta has figured heavily in world history. A Bible country, the account of the Apostle Paul’s shipwreck in Acts Twenty Seven and Twenty Eight took place here in about 60 A.D. In 1565, a huge military battle between the Muslim forces of the Ottoman Turks and the Knights of Malta Crusaders took place. In WWII, Malta was the most bombed place on Earth, per square mile, before the nuclear attack on Hiroshima.

Your trip will begin in north western Africa, in Morocco! Landing in Casablanca, you will experience being immersed in all things exotic. Wonderful food and great hospitality, you will enjoy soaking up sights and sounds of the North African Arab World. You will visit the Mohammed V Mosque, one of the world’s largest mosques. The minaret tower, with two lasers beams that point east at night towards Mecca, is more than six hundred feet high. You will visit the Souk; shopping for souvenirs at it’s peak! The trip includes a one hour train ride from Casablanca, to visit to Morocco’s capital, Rabat.

Malta is a quaint mixture of the medieval and the modern; strong traditions of Roman based faith converge with modern ideas. Malta is affluent with a good economy. The people are Mediterranean; food and good times are accentuated, and the locals are very keen on knowing about your country. The UPCI Church Work began as a pioneer effort, and it is blessed of the Lord. You will see where Paul was shipwrecked. You will visit the smaller, second Island of Gozo. Some of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches you will ever see are in Malta and Gozo.

This trip is only for applicants 21 and up.




July 10 - July 20, 2020





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Kirby & Mary Parker

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Kirby & Mary Parker

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AYC changed my life. My desire to reach out and witness to hungry souls was both ignited and deepened on this trip. This was an incredible experience and something I will carry with me the rest of my life.

Elyssa Venturini | Austin, Texas