Isn't Haiti beautiful? The first image that comes to mind when someone mentions Haiti isn't usually a beautiful image, but I can assure you Haiti is beautiful! Her oceans, mountains and majestic sunsets will remind a visitor that they are on a Caribbean island; however, her true beauty is found in her people. It can be seen in her people's smiles, friendly greetings, and warm hospitality. Their worship and complete confidence in God will encourage, uplift and challenge us all. This AYC trip will be serve purpose driven, with 4 FULL days of serving the community!







Your Hosts

Ronald & Terry Brian

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Ronald & Terry Brian

Serve Project

The United Pentecostal Church of Haiti excels at reaching the people of Haiti at the point of their need. Come experience serving at a whole new level. The opportunity to work in the Children’s Home, Medical Clinic and English school will open your eyes and your heart. Be ready to sing, play and interact with the children that live in the Children’s home. Come expecting to interact with the people of Haiti in a real and life-changing way. Come experience Haiti and serve with purpose.


When I left for my AYC trip to Costa Rica, there was no way I could have anticipated what God had in store for me. I left for Costa Rica, hoping to see God perform miracles in the lives of those around me. I never imagined that he also planned on touching my life, and healing the insecurities that I had struggled with for years. It took me flying all the way to Costa Rica to realize something; The God who healed bodies and filled souls with his spirit in Central America, was at work back at my home in Maryland. I left AYC not feeling afraid to go back home, but confident that when I went home, he would be the same God. Since AYC, my faith has been amplified and I know that God is the same, no matter where I am!

Camryn Staten | Costa Rica