Togo (Trip is full)

Imagine sandy beaches, the beating of drums, and friendly people all around you. Mix this with an unbelievable cultural experience. Experience the dance and worship with the believers of this nation in their exuberant African worship. For the past 25 years, this nation has excelled in continual growth. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to minister not only among other UPCI members but also in local villages, orphanages, and prisons. The big event while you are in TOGO will be a scheduled 2-day youth event that you will be a part of—experience drinking cold beverages under the coconut tree along the seashore with your teammates. Immerse yourself in village life as the sounds of children playing fill the air. On other days, you'll be strolling the African markets looking for the perfect souvenirs to take home. You will find an opportunity to create unique relationships, getting close to the people in a way that one few can. COME BE TOGO.




July 19 - July 29, 2024





COVID Vaccine

Not Required

Your Hosts

Ken & Gin Cantrell

Ken & Gin Cantrell

Serve Project

You will be given the opportunity to visit both an orphanage and a prison.


Going on this trip you expect to pour solely into others, but it is mind blowing what God does in you on a missions trip. Everyday God did something, big or small. Having the opportunity to meet so many new people and get so far out of your comfort zone is a true blessing.

Abriana Sweeney | Benin