Sri Lanka - 2014

The ‘Teardrop of India’ as this beautiful island of Sri Lanka is frequently referred as, first populated in 543 BC was ruled by 181 Kings. Farming was the main economy during the early ages. Then referred as Ceylon declared independence in 1948, subsequently changing its name to Sri Lank in 1972.




June 5 - June 16, 2014




Your Hosts

Prince and Suzana Mathiasz

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Prince and Suzana Mathiasz

Your Chaperone

Michael and Rebecca Ensey

Michael and Rebecca Ensey

Serve Project


AYC, for me, was the single most life changing trip of my life. It was life changing to see 33 Maasai tribe members receive the Holy Ghost, you could see the sweet Holy Spirit all over them. AYC gave me the opportunity to explore my love for missions, and even further my life in missions. I had the feeling I was called to global missions, my AYC trip completely confirmed that for me.

Brady Young | Zambia