Scotland is full of breathtaking scenery and an enormous history. You will experience the majestic castles, rolling green hills and the countryside with lots of history! In addition to the mainland, Scotland is made up of more than 790 islands. Despite its small size, Scotland has many treasures – big skies, broad landscapes, hospitable people, and iconic hilltop castles. The majority of the cities that AYC will be visiting have a strong history of tradition and Catholicism. We will be providing participants with an exciting opportunity to help with works in the Edinburgh area, as well as in Glasgow. You will also be an encouragement to other works in Stirling and Falkirk.




June 3 - June 13, 2022





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John and Susan Beek

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John and Susan Beek

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I have met so many people through AYC and my personal network spans globally because of it. But its not just ANY people that I have met. Its the servants. The ones who give up so much to take the gospel to every nation, and the ones who skimped and saved to experience one week giving of themselves to others. Those who have gone for a few months, to those who live on the mission field. Those overseas and those on home soil. The ones who face down loneliness, discouragement, and isolation to do what God has called them to do. I’m proud to know the servants. I have learned so much about the servants heart in the years of going on AYC trips. Every trip gives me more insight on how I can serve, both in my church and my community. I wouldn’t trade the experiences I’ve had, the places and things I’ve seen, the lessons I’ve learned, and the people I’ve met for anything offered.

Keeleigh White | Billings, Montana