Salt Lake City, Utah (Trip is full) - 2021

When you visit Salt Lake, you will find a multicultural city full of unique opportunities!  You can experience the mountains, ziplining, and bobsledding all in one trip!  Come to SLC to experience a different view of missions.  You will be involved in outdoor services paired with outreach, minister in multiple new church plants and share the Gospel across cultures. Come join us in Salt Lake for a week packed full of fun and life changing experiences and leave a footprint of His message on Salt Lake.


North America


June 14 - June 21, 2021




COVID Vaccine

Your Hosts

Ronald Rice

Ronald Rice

Your Chaperone

Jeremy & Kristin Stafford

Jeremy & Kristin Stafford

Jeremy and Kristin Stafford – We have been involved in student ministry for 14 years, and youth pastored in Pensacola, FL from 2013 to 2020. In 2018, we were elected to serve as the Florida district youth president. Currently, we are serving as General Youth Secretary. Kristin and I are blessed with two incredible children – Caden and Claire. We are both passionate about youth ministry and in seeing students around the world fulfill their purpose in the kingdom of God!

Shane & Lana Swint

Shane & Lana Swint

Shane and Lana Swint, we have been involved in youth ministry for the past 20 years, we are currently the Youth Pastors at Church Of Pentecost in San Angelo Tx.
We have been serving as the Texico Youth President for the last four years. My wife is also the music director at our church and we are also over children’s ministry.
We have four children, Kaylan,Tristen,Adalyn,and Aniston.

Cindy Sorrels

Cindy Sorrels

Cindy Sorrels joined the UPCI Youth Ministries team (formerly GYD) in January 2005 to serve as an administrative aide. Her favorite part of the job has always been working with the Apostolic Youth Corps program. She has watched this ministry grow from 4 trips in her first year, to 20 trips in 2020. She is inspired by the hundreds of mission-minded young people who apply each year to take part in a life-changing AYC trip! She attended Indiana Bible College and has a love for all things, “Music”. Her other passions include: family, Lucy (her fur baby), traveling to warm locations, and a good iced latte.

Serve Project

Details coming soon!


When I left for my AYC trip to Costa Rica, there was no way I could have anticipated what God had in store for me. I left for Costa Rica, hoping to see God perform miracles in the lives of those around me. I never imagined that he also planned on touching my life, and healing the insecurities that I had struggled with for years. It took me flying all the way to Costa Rica to realize something; The God who healed bodies and filled souls with his spirit in Central America, was at work back at my home in Maryland. I left AYC not feeling afraid to go back home, but confident that when I went home, he would be the same God. Since AYC, my faith has been amplified and I know that God is the same, no matter where I am!

Camryn Staten | Costa Rica