Los Angeles, California (Trip is full)

Participants will join missionaries David and Monique McGovern in ministering to the Los Angeles California area. Los Angeles has a rich apostolic history; Home to Azusa Street, Arroyo Seco, and the great revivals of the early 20th century. Many regard it as the birthplace of Modern Pentecost and Jesus Name Baptism. We believe it is time for another miraculous Holy Ghost downpour in this city!


North America


June 7 - June 14, 2021





Your Hosts

David and Monique McGovern

David and Monique McGovern

Your Chaperone

DJ & Natalie Hill

DJ & Natalie Hill

We love serving the next generation of Apostolic world changers! We have served in the Georgia District Youth Ministry for 5 years and at Atlanta West Pentecostal Church for 4 years. Before we started ministering together, DJ graduated from Urshan College and Natalie graduated from Indiana Bible College. They are currently the newly appointed YM Director of Promotions. We live in St. Louis, MO with our first, newborn baby girl. We are excited to minister next to you on the Apostolic Youth Corps trip!

Joshua & Jennifer Smith

Joshua & Jennifer Smith

We have been involved in sectional/district youth work since 2010 and were elected in 2018 as the first Youth President for the SCTX District. Also, in 2018 we were elected to serve as Pastor at The Sanctuary of Marble Falls where we have youth pastored and assisted since 2008. We have 3 wonderful children; Axton, Bravery and Charlotte.

Serve Project

Information to come soon!


AYC changed my life. My desire to reach out and witness to hungry souls was both ignited and deepened on this trip. This was an incredible experience and something I will carry with me the rest of my life.

Elyssa Venturini | Austin, Texas