Eswatini (Trip is full)

A royal adventure awaits! Come join us in the last remaining absolute monarch on the continent of Africa. The Kingdom of eSwatini is a small mountainous kingdom located between South Africa and Mozambique. You will be able to take part in various evangelism efforts, church services, church building/improvement projects and other ministerial opportunities all while experiencing a truly unique culture, exploring the country and go on a real African safari. If you want a memorable African experience, the Kingdom of eSwatini is the place for you!




June 28 - July 8, 2024




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COVID Vaccine

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Your Hosts

Jonathan and Monica Parker

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Jonathan and Monica Parker

Serve Project

There will be a work day at one of the UPC churches, helping with various projects, including church landscaping, painting, and street evangelism.


Going on this trip you expect to pour solely into others, but it is mind blowing what God does in you on a missions trip. Everyday God did something, big or small. Having the opportunity to meet so many new people and get so far out of your comfort zone is a true blessing.

Abriana Sweeney | Benin