Detroit/Dearborn, Michigan

This trip is only for applicants 21 and up. Come spend a week in Dearborn- Michigan, home of the largest Muslim and Arab population outside the Middle East. Experience the mission field while living as a religious and ethnic minority in your own country. Learn about the middle eastern culture, and religions and how to witness to immigrants. Walk, shop, and eat with Arabs, both Christians, and Muslims, and share your faith boldly. Enjoy the food and learn few Arabic words. Caution: you might fall in love the culture and develop a burden for Arabs and Muslims!  


North America


June 28 - July 5, 2021





Your Hosts

Shadi & Sam Azar

Shadi & Sam Azar

Your Chaperone

Roger & JoLia Zimmerman

Roger & JoLia Zimmerman

Roger and JoLia Zimmerman serve as the Youth President and wife for the West Virginia and Western Maryland District. They have been involved in youth and young adult ministry for over eleven years, ten of which they have served as Youth Pastor at their local church, Bonnieview Apostolic Ministries. Additionally, JoLia serves as the worship leader in their home church. They have two wonderful children, Josiah and Ella.

Serve Project

Attendees will get the opportunity to serve refugees.


AYC, for me, was the single most life changing trip of my life. It was life changing to see 33 Maasai tribe members receive the Holy Ghost, you could see the sweet Holy Spirit all over them. AYC gave me the opportunity to explore my love for missions, and even further my life in missions. I had the feeling I was called to global missions, my AYC trip completely confirmed that for me.

Brandi Young | Zambia