Boston, Massachusetts

Beantown. Cradle of Liberty. City on a Hill. Boston is a city of culture, history, and education. When people think of Boston, they think history, baseball, baked beans and downtown. It has a population of more than 700,000, and the Greater Boston area is home to nearly 5 million people. Yet, it is one of the most unchurched and post-Christian cities in North America, almost to the point of being considered an unreached people group. Join Metro Missionaries Todd and Anne Baumann as they begin their brand-new church plant, The Way Church, and help us prepare for the Greatest Awakening in the beautiful city of Boston!  


North America


June 13 - June 20, 2022





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Todd & Anne Baumann

Todd & Anne Baumann

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AYC showed me the love of God in a brand new way this week. Whether it was a large church or a tiny one, whether it was on the street or in the park, I saw people loving people in the way Jesus would. Our team had such incredible opportunities to simply speak to people and pray for them. It was so simple ,and yet so beautiful to witness people respond to the love of the Father on this trip.

Bethany Durnford | Salt Lake City, Utah