Benin (Trip is full) - 2021

Come experience the never-ending beat of Benin! Benin is full of fascinating ancient history surrounding the previous African Kingdoms that ruled the land for centuries. Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, our landscape is breathtaking. The hunger for the Holy Ghost is palpable and Divine miracles are the order of our every service! Benin believes in evangelism and vibrant worship is our theme. Come experience West African Culture at its best. You will not leave the same.




August 6 - August 16, 2021





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Your Hosts

Michael and Danan Benson

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Michael and Danan Benson

Your Chaperone

Brandon & Amber Lilly

Brandon & Amber Lilly

We have been involved in Student Ministry for 10 years- as Youth Pastor at Sanctuary of Praise Anderson SC, Section 1 Director for 4 years, Youth Secretary for 1 year, and we currently serve as Youth President of the Great South Carolina District. We live in Anderson, SC with our two amazing children- Braxton(14) and Alaina(8). We love Student ministry and we are so excited to take part of this life-changing mission!

Matthew & Rebecca Johnson

Matthew & Rebecca Johnson

Matthew & Rebecca Johnson have been involved in student ministry for more than 25 years and currently serve as Senior Pastor of The Sanctuary in Columbus, Indiana. They formerly served the UPCI Youth Ministries team and had the distinct opportunity of leading the Apostolic Youth Corps program for many years. They found joy in watching thousands of students find their purpose through mission trips around the world. They are the proud parents of Abriah, 19, and Jace, 14 who also love to travel. The Johnsons enjoy family time together as well as finding new coffee shops wherever they go.

Serve Project

Join us as we paint one of our newly built churches in the capital city of Cotonou!


When I left for my AYC trip to Costa Rica, there was no way I could have anticipated what God had in store for me. I left for Costa Rica, hoping to see God perform miracles in the lives of those around me. I never imagined that he also planned on touching my life, and healing the insecurities that I had struggled with for years. It took me flying all the way to Costa Rica to realize something; The God who healed bodies and filled souls with his spirit in Central America, was at work back at my home in Maryland. I left AYC not feeling afraid to go back home, but confident that when I went home, he would be the same God. Since AYC, my faith has been amplified and I know that God is the same, no matter where I am!

Camryn Staten | Costa Rica