ACN (Trip is full)

Come and see a world you've only ever read about in the news or in a book; a land where the scent of frankincense glides through the air of the markets and the desert meets the sea. Experience a mountainous and date palm covered landscape, authentic Arab food, and hospitality that measures to none. On this trip, you will have opportunities to connect with the local and expatriate communities. Lots of coffee, conversations, and new cultural experiences will greet you with open arms and expand your personal worldview. You will also be given the chance to attend underground services of the work in place and see how God is moving in this part of the world.




July 5 - July 15, 2024




Not Required

COVID Vaccine

Not Required

Serve Project

Our SERVE day will include preparing care packages for low-income communities connected to the church, as well as helping do some cleaning and basic repairs at one of the local churches.


I’m just so grateful to have gotten to become family with so many people. AYC changed my life! From crying on the floor of a conference room, to singing with buds, to screaming Hallelujah loudly whenever we wanted, it showed me my purpose, and for that I am grateful!

Ryan Cline | Hawaii