Destination: Cambodia
Region: Asia
Missionary: Robert and Gayle Frizzell
Date: June 6-17, 2013
Cost: $3,400

Application Deadline: February 1, 2013

Cambodia is a nation of approximately 15 million people who have known nothing but violence and death for generations, but have now received His Word and His Spirit and are responding with an amazing hunger for more. You will see temples dripping with gold, speckled with precious jewels, and filled with idols to an imaginary deity. It is a land of contrasts: the rich and the destitute; the overfed and the starving; the living and the dying; the educated and the illiterate. It is a land of spiritual famine that beckons you to answer the call. Join missionaries Robert and Gayle Frizzell and share the gospel of Jesus Christ in this exotic land. You can be the reason someone feels loved and experiences salvation.