Vietnam - 2020

Due to COVID-19, AYC 2020 has been canceled. AYC 2021 destinations will be released in the summer of 2020.

With a rapidly growing population of more than 96 million people, Vietnam is opening up to the gospel like never before, but it remains one of the most unreached countries in East Asia. We invite you to come to Vietnam and join us in praying onsite in the capital northern city of Hanoi and the southern city Ho Chi Minh City. We will pray with strategic insight for this country and all its people to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel. With growing opportunities to reach out to people in both cities and rural areas, there is an urgent need for more workers who are willing to sacrifice leaving family and friends on an Asian adventure of a lifetime to see Vietnam transformed by the gospel. Are you ready to make a difference?




July 10 - July 20, 2020





Your Hosts

David & Angela Doan

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David & Angela Doan

Ashleigh Barsotti

Your Chaperone

Seneatha Clayton

Seneatha Clayton

Seneatha Clayton fell in love with missions the summer after high school on her first trip to Central America. When asked by the UPCI Youth Ministries to serve in the AYC ministry, Seneatha saw this as an opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to serve with youth across North America on the mission field was a dream come true! Seneatha graduated from Missouri State University with her bachelor of science degree in accounting and plans to finish her master’s degree in the future. Along with her love for numbers, she enjoys volunteering, event planning, and all types of travel. She has served on different leadership teams in administration, Bible Quizzing, and other areas revolving around youth ministry. As a young person, her life was impacted by youth ministry and the people involved, so she takes every opportunity to pour back into the youth of today.

Wesley & Lindsey Stephens

Wesley & Lindsey Stephens

Wesley and Lindsey have been involved with student ministry for 9 years. They currently serve as Student Pastor at the Pentecostals of Murfreesboro and Youth President of Tennessee. God has blessed them with two amazing children, Hazel (4) and Knox (2). Wesley works at the church and Lindsey is a first-grade teacher. Outside of church and kids, the Stephens love to travel, try new foods, and drink lots of coffee! Lindsey’s favorite coffee drink is a cold brew and Wesley’s go to drink is an iced Americano.

David & Angela Meyer

David & Angela Meyer

We have been involved in student ministry for 16 years - as Youth Pastor, Hyphen Coordinators, Sectional Directors and Youth President of Wisconsin for the past 4 years. We also currently serve as the Associate Pastors at Living Word Church. We live in Greenfield, WI with our daughter Elianna who just turned 9. My wife is super woman - not only does she play the incredibly important role as Mom, but also is a Registered Nurse and serves various roles at our church.

Serve Project

We would like to do a SERVE activity in visiting a local orphanage and helping out with the children.


AYC truly was a blessing to my life and the ministry that God has called me to. I personally believe that every young person who feels the call of God upon their life and desires to pursue His mission, should find a way to “GO” with AYC.

Justin Michael | San Francisco, California