Refund Policy

AYC Refund Policy

AYC Cancellation/Refund Policy 2016

It is extremely important that you fully understand the AYC cancellation/refund policy prior to applying for a trip since it can be a large investment. In the event that you need to cancel your trip involvement, we will review the amount of money already expensed for your involvement and refund as we are able. This is different for each trip. Prepaid expenses include, but are not limited to;  flight expense, hotel expense, prepaid meals, prepaid attractions, etc. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable no matter the timing on the cancellation.

Unfortunately we cannot make an exception for personal/family emergencies or illness.

Why can’t I get a full refund?

Great question. Imagine for a moment that you planning a trip for 8 people to Germany. You set the budget based on 4 hotel rooms (2 to a room), you rented a large van for transport, you purchased all the international flights, and you prepaid for various attractions. Two weeks before the trip 6 of the 8 people cancelled. The 6 people now want a full refund. At this point the flight, hotel, van rental, and attraction expenses cannot be refunded. You are unable to give a full refund because almost all the funds have already been used. This scenario will help you understand the cancellation policy for AYC trips.